Quality. Commitment. Safety.


Throughout the Gibsons Group of restaurants, we’ve set up additional protocols and improvements to ensure a satisfying and healthy experience. Our air filtration and HVAC system is vastly improved, with frequent duct sanitation. Our employee safety and sanitation protocols have been strengthened. The Gibsons Group is committed to your safety and the safety of our employees.




6 Feet Distancing & Plexi-Glass Dividers

MERV 11+ Air Filters & Cold Plasma Filters

Increase of Outside Air intake Through HVAC

Sanitizing fog through HVAC ducts




Temperature Checks

Contactless & 1x-Use Menus

Strict Mask Policy for Patrons & Staff

Proper Food Prep Standards




Regular Hard Surface Sanitation

Hand Sanitation Stations

Table Sanitation After Every Use

Vigilant Handwashing & Glove Changes







No outside food & beverage allowed (this includes bottles of wine and desserts).

All visits will be limited to 1.5 or 2 hours (times vary by restaurant). We will not be able to allow people to wait for their tables, so we are asking that everyone enjoy the experience within the time allotted and then leave, so that we may sanitize adequately for the next customers.